A Spooky Room at Subic Homes


My first visit to Subic wayback 2002 was a Lions Club International Convention. As part of my mom's active organization memberships years ago, me and my sister have the perks of visiting new places from time to time because my Mom wouldn't want to leave us home alone. 

It was a group tour and we stayed in Subic Homes for three days. I love the place because it was clean, quiet and comfortable. The place where we stayed is very nice and cozy. I'm happy I was able to visit it again after 9 long years, now with my husband and kids as well as my in-laws. 

The place has the same clean and quiet surroundings. And I noticed some improvements with the housing facilities in the nearer areas. I booked a unit with 3 bedrooms plus a servant's quarter near the kitchen and a garage at Binictican Heights. I was actually referred by a cousin in a website for the contacts. The place was big enough to accommodate a party of twelve (12) including two kids and a nanny but quite creepy and old unlike the other units just a few blocks near the entrance and the pool.

Family Living Area 
Dining Area 

The Kitchen 

For the price of P4,000 pesos, we had a family area big enough for us. A dining area where we shared our meals and the kitchen where we cooked dinner and breakfast the following day. It also has a refrigerator to keep our leftovers that night and to keep our drinks cold for the following day's long drive. It was clean but some areas needs to be refurbished like the kitchen and servant's room, the fridge needs to be replaced with a newer one and the gas range needs to be modernized. The bathrooms has old interiors and I hate the creepy bath tub.

The bedrooms are spacious but the linens are quite ordinary and it would've been warm if they had comforters available for each bed. My in-laws occupied the first room, the second room was occupied by my parents and my sister, and the masters bedroom is where me and my husband stayed for the night. My kids doesn't want to join us so they stayed with their grannies. Our nanny decided to sleep on the couch because she doesn't want to sleep in the quarter alone (i guess it's because the bed oddly looked like a hospital crib. Lol!).

The first room 

The second room 

Master's bedroom 

Masters Toilet and Bath 

Common Toilet and Bath 

My kids enjoying the mosquito net brought by their Lola Mommy 

The rest of the family had a goodnight sleep after the tiring long drive from Batangas to Olongapo City except me. I find our room (masters bedroom) spooky. I felt like someone was looking at me and watching every step and move I make. Seriously, I was having goosebumps!

Outside our window was a weird forest, dark and filled with giant trees. Only me and hubby occupied the room that night, and every time I woke up to pee, I would tell him to keep me company. Not only that, the aircon inexplicably stopped during the late hours that we were asleep. When I asked hubby if he turned it off he said No! It was not even timed! So by the next morning, I insisted my sister that we should take a bath together! I don't wanna be alone in the bathroom!

I really don't have other bad vibes for the rest of the areas in the house except that one spooky room where we slept. I don't want to comment any further because not everyone has been given extraordinary gifts that sees or feel extraordinary things. Notwithstanding the spine-chilling experience that I had, the rest of the family enjoyed the stay. We had a great breakfast the next morning and had our photos taken outside the house.

Subic Homes at Binictican Heights, Subic Freeport Zone is definitely a value for money especially for big families. Maybe next time I should book a better unit, nearer the pool and the ingress of the village. I see a lot of groups staying at the place. It is strategically located near Duty Free, Ocean Adventure and Zoobic Safari, a great location if you'll be visiting those places and you're considering the budget.


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