The Philippine Eagle Center, Davao


The Center is home to 36 Philippine Eagles, 18 of which are captive-bred. It also houses 10 other species of birds, 4 species of mammals and 2 species of reptiles.

There was nothing really special about the place for me, except for the species of Philippine Eagles that they try to protect and multiply its breed. Some animals can also be found. It was more of an educational trip, giving you knowledge about our endangered wildlife and how the management is committed to preserving our national bird.

There are trails that leads you to different areas, some trails leads to nowhere.. 
We were able to see upclose and personal the monkey-eating eagles, the kids were in awe, and proud to see the majestic eagle, the largest in the world.

"Ayaw hilabti and lawin, palihug" 

Stuffed dead eagles are well preserved inside the glass cabinets and securely displayed...

Preserved Philippine Eagle 

Stuffed dead eagles preserved in glass cages 

Behind us was a huge cage for giant Philippine Eagles, soaring up in the comforts of their little forest. I pity some of the birds and animals inside the center. They were in small and dirty cages. I hope the facilities for these kinds will be improved, and the caretakers must be well trained and closely guided to amend the situations of our endangered species.

Big cages behind 

Birds in cages 

My son enjoyed his live encounter with the big birds and other animals... 

I noticed that the pathway was filled with names and some signatures of guests and donors who visited the place. This is an appeal from the management of the center. And I was glad to know that there are lots of people who have responded. If you wanted to help, please send donations. Your friends who'll visit might just see your name on the concrete stepping stones as they walk around.

Walking through signed concrete stones at the center 

Preserving the Philippine Eagle and other endangered kinds is a tough responsibility and knowing very well the capacity of our government to provide help is not enough, these are some of the problems that weren't addressed properly and is lacking consideration from the budget of the local government. 

Monkeys everywhere... 

A poor crocodile, I thought it was dead... 

This crocodile is not moving... I wonder why... I used to think he is dead, but there was a signage just above it's fence saying...

Because some of the visitors throw stones at it, it really looks dead! 

One macro shot before we left the center 

Malagos in the District of Baguio, Davao City where the Eagle Center is situated was far too. It was a long drive passing through the national highway going to Bukidnon. From Eden Nature Park it took us around 45 minutes to reach the place.

Thank You Phil. Eagle Center for a great day! 

It was another journey worth sharing, the experience and information acquired from the trip will always be a great gift to one's self... Hope to discover more places and grasp new knowledge on my next trip!

See you on my next blog! 

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