Paradise Island Park, Samal Island, Davao


A trip to the city of Durian will never be complete without visiting Samal Island, the beach in Davao City. It is a small island and is recognized to be the cleanest among the islands in the Philippines according to most travellers.

So before we left for our Davao vacation I made a few research about resorts in Samal Island which is accessible and affordable, but not compromising comfort, security and leisure. There are a lot of other nice resorts in Samal but Paradise Island complemented my queries, also thinking that we are a couple of heads travelling together, it's the most budget friendly option.

From our hotel we took a taxi going to the wharf not far away in the city. From there we ride a boat going to Paradise Island Park and Resort in the island of Samal and had our Day Tour. 

Transportation to the resort is very accessible and cheap. It's only 10 minutes away from the city proper. A boat ride which is efficiently operated by the management of the resort is available daily from 5am to 5pm for only 15 pesos per person (min of 10 passengers). 

The blue waters, the white sand and the fresh air immediately greeted us upon arrival at the beach. There is warmth and excitement upon entering the place. We were led by receptionists to tables and chairs and briefed with the amenities like toilet and bath, grilling areas and the rest of the resort’s facilities. 

We had our long table which served as our cottage for the day tour. Groups can bring their own food and tableware, but we ordered our lunch there and enjoyed a sumptuous meal by the seashore.

It was a breathtaking, beautiful place at Paradise Island. The food was great too! We ordered enough food for our lunch, we do not want to take home left overs or waste it because we're flying back to Manila after the island trip. I love their Avocado-Melon and Melon-Mango Shake! Real thirst quencher!

Not only that, the place is so clean and the air is so refreshing and cool, the white sand is regularly comb by their maintenance team from time to time. It was extremely well managed and organized.

The entrance fee for a Day Tour is only P200 pesos per person and you can use their amenities the whole time you are there. They have the "Kananan", a place to eat located at the beach (where we had our lunch). They also have the "Tinda'an", the convenient store inside the resort selling local beers, softdrinks and other snacks and the Souvenir shop.

Some other amenities available in the resort is an ice cream kiosk, a massage parlor, and the children's playground. Kids will never get bored because they got lots of things to enjoy aside from swimming!

While walking around the place, sightseeing, I stumbled across an Aviary near the playground. They got a few species of birds in cages, a nice attraction for tourists. And I find it a romantic place too with it's landscapes, trees and green gardens. 

Ofcourse I never want to leave the place without having a swim at the clean waters of Samal Island! Me and my kids enjoyed swimming that late afternoon and we really had a great time. I came here for the beach so I don't care if they don't have a pool. The lovely beach is enough to make our stay a pleasurable one. They also have watersports amenities for rent like ocean kayaks, paddle boards, pedal boats and aqua bikes. They also offer snorkeling activities, jetski and fun dive lessons for beginners.

It was an awesome experience and I will not hesitate recommending it to others who'll be visiting Davao and would like to squeeze-in a short break at the spur of the moment. A decent resort and value for money. I cannot vouch for their rooms because we stayed for only a day but I hope I can stay a night on our next visit and do a scuba diving excursion, I would love to see the beautiful corals and tropical fishes of Samal Island.

I Love Davao! 

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