Eden Nature Park, Davao City


Eden Nature Park is a vast garden of greenery, flowers and organic vegetables. It is a resort situated on a mountain 3,000 feet above sea level and it is 95% man-made. We travelled more than an hour from the airport to reach the district of Toril in Davao. We hired a van for the whole day tour, the same van who picked up us upon arrival at the airport.

Welcome to Eden Nature Park 

Familia Abrenica at Eden Park 

A vast of trees, ornamental plants and colorful flowers 

A guided shuttle tour is provided by the park for it guests, accompanied by an in-house tour guide. The place was really huge, about 80 hectares of land re-created by humans, 40 hectares of which are occupied with amenities and attractions . 

The shuttle which took us around the park 

The tour was about 45 minutes to 1 hour maximum, with 3 stops for picture taking. It was an educational tour and our tour guide was very good. Included in our trip was a plated snack or if you may want to have lunch they serve buffet lunch at 11:45am.

We love Eden Nature Park! 

Lush of green grass and running waters... true nature! 

There are over thousands of pine trees spread throughout the park, providing a refreshing backdrop and coolness to the place. Eden Nature Park is nestled at the foot of Mt. Talomo and the resort offers one of the best views of Davao City and the Davao gulf. We love the climate at Eden, it was a cool place just like Baguio or Tagaytay.

With the sunflowers and the mickey mouse eggplant 

The mickey mouse plant... 

Behind us are beautiful sunflowers and up close was the "mickey mouse eggplant" according to our tour guide. That yellow fruit which was shaped like mickey mouse is an ornamental plant under the poisonous category. They are not edible, but it looks so cute!

“A cultural journey into the heartland of Indigenous Wisdom” 

We had our next stop at the area of Tinubdan - a cultural park/outdoor museum designed to give guests a glimpse of lumad life. Here we can see the culture of the indigenous people of Southern Philippines (or lumad as they prefer to be called). It is a colorful and diverse one - one that is in danger of disappearing under the force of globalization.


Datu's House or Balai Kalimudan 

A native instrument which I forgot the name! :-( 

Our third stop is the Vegetable and Herb Gardens. All year long, they grow and harvest what is good for the health - friendly veggies which are served fresh at food outlets. They have greenhouses used to grow several varieties of lettuce and tomatoes using state-of-the-art hydroponic technology.

Greenhouses where organic vegetables are abundant... 
One of the organic vegetable gardens behind us 

The Wishing Well, which is filled with fresh Gumamela flowers everyday from Lola's Garden... 
Their Orchard boasts an extensive collection of fruit trees too, like durian, mangosteen, macadamia and many more...

Pine trees everywhere... 

Some of their fruit bearing trees... 

Log Cabin 

Then I was entertained by this log cabin along the way. I used to see this when playing Farmville, now in reality, hehehe! 

Philippine Deers 

The Deer Park serves as the domicile of over thirty Philippine deers. The photo was taken during their feeding time...

Wonderful peacock 

At the Bird Walk, you will see Indian peacocks wandering all over the resort...

After the guided tour we headed to their cafe for our snacks. We opted for plated snacks bcoz we visited early morning after catching the first flight from Manila, and we cannot wait for their buffet lunch which will be served at lunchtime. 

Plated snacks - Baked Macaroni, a piece of bread and a brownie 

Clubhouse Sandwich, Chips and a piece of Brownie 

Our guided tour ended at 10am, so after finishing our plated snacks we decided to move to our next destination which is the Philippine Eagle Center.

Hope to be back for some other activities like Trekking and their breathtaking Skyrider, maybe I can do that without my kids with me. I would also love to climb Mt. APO! Yes, dreams do come true!

Till my next blog!

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