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Our fourth and last day in Singapore was consumed by a visit at the zoo. This time it's a private tour, about 45 minutes drive from the city. It's no ordinary zoo because the moment I stepped in, I was like walking in a jungle and experiencing a real tropical rain forest adventure. Singapore Zoo is set in a rainforest environment, inspired by the wonders of nature. 

It is a home to over 3000 species of animals. The park also boasts the world’s first free-ranging orangutan habitat in a zoo. It houses the largest captive colony of orangutans in the world. 

There are a lot of activities at the zoo apart from wandering around and watching the animals in their respective habitats. There are interesting animal presentations scheduled over time, and a photo opportunity with other animals. 

The place is also surrounded by a lake and there are a few boating activities that you can try. We just stayed for about 2 hours because my travel buddy gets easily tired and maybe bored, so even if I wanted to stay more and get the most out of my visit at the place, we opted to move out. Also because we need to fly back to Manila that same day. 

The view of the Lake 

The lake was actually a reservoir according to them. Singapore doesn't have their own water system, so they have 5 reservoir, if i'm not mistaken and they buy water from Malaysia which was just across the boarders. You can actually visit Malaysia by plane for an hour or a bus for 6-8 hours to reach Kuala Lumpur. But according to our driver, it's a 15 minutes drive from here to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, where you can find cheaper goods, good for shopping.

The fun is endless with interesting animals all over the world in one big community. The zoo is very well maintained too. The animals doesn't look tired and exhausted. They live and move freely in the habitat, having their normal lives despite of being in the zoo. Unlike the other zoo that I visited where the animals look hungry and bored, secluded in cages and not at all well-taken care of. This is the best zoo ever! 

There are a lot of good places in Singapore, worth a second try, and Singapore Zoo is definitely one great place to enjoy! I will surely visit it again because my kids would love to see all the animals, and my son dreams to have a close encounter with the wildlife! Singapore zoo is the best in Asia. Highly recommendable for all ages.

Hope you enjoyed my Singapore Zoo Adventure! Thanks for dropping by! :-)

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