Universal Studios Singapore!


On our 3rd day, we went to Universal Studios Singapore and the initial experience from walking around the place, really impressed me and left quite an impression. It was a dream place for me and I was really grateful for all the favors we got to enjoy such place. I enjoyed every journey along the way and all throughout the theme park. 

Lovers at USS! 

An early morning greetings from Po of Kung Fu Panda 

Grand encounter with Winnie Woodpecker 

A cool hug from Frankenstein's Monster! 


The Hollywood Walk of fame! 

It was a day filled with joy, laughter, photo ops and screaming with the rides! Singapore's climate is hot and humid, and the theme park is an open area. Wear your most comfortable shirts, jeans or shorts and a light and convenient footwear because there's a lot of walking to be done. 

The Madagascar 

At the Ogre's house 

Enchanted Airways at Far Far Away! I enjoyed my ride here! 

Far Far away Castle, this is my favorite! 

Inside the castle 

In our 4D glasses... 

The 4D show in theaters was awesome. We got wet with the drizzling waters, and got a bit dizzy with the moves on our seats, there was even a tickling effect at our napes while watching the movie. Universal Studios is beautiful, I admire it's architectural designs, especially the castle at the middle part of the park and this place offers great fun and enjoyment for all ages!

Oppss! With Puss in Boots! 

The Penguins of Madagascar! 

I also love their silly hats! 

My Egyptian lover... 

Being "kids at heart" is really so much fun! And I will always treasure this moment in my life, that I was able to enjoy an exciting day in a hollywood zone with my beloved one, surely our kids would love to visit too! Another promise to make is a family weekend at Universal Studios Singapore!

Battlestar Galactica! The wildest ever! 

Sweetness overload! 

Welcome to Sci fi City! 

Battlestar Galactica is one challenging ride you shouldn't miss! Same thing with the Canopy Flyer. And the fancy Ancient Egypt themed park is a wonderful place for photo op, even if the sun is so up and high!

The Canopy Flyer... another thrilling ride! 

The Ancient Egypt 

Truly Egypt! 

Nice architectural works 

Our treasure hunt ride 

I love this ride! 

Now off to Jurrasic park! 

We also had a dinosaur encounter at Jurassic Park... It was one cool ride where you'll get wet, so prepare to bring some extra clothes on your visit. It's a short river raft ride through life size primeval dinosaur habitats... 


Life size dinosaur attractions along the way 

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure is almost the same as Rio Grande Rapids at Enchanted Kingdom. But this is more fun with all the fancy dinosaurs moving and roaring from time to time...

Jurrasic Park Rapids Adventure 

Then we have the Waterworld... A Live Water Show with death-defying stunts, explosions and thrills. Another great show that everyone will enjoy!

Waterworld show 

This hollywood theme park deserves a one whole day of your life to explore, enjoy and to make the most of it especially if you have kids. It features 24 rides and 18 attractions which promises an experience that you will never ever forget!

They got several vintage car collections 

Another grand encounter with Woody Woodpecker! 

The Chocolate World 

With the M & Ms 

Discover more of Sentosa Island 

...and the Merlion in colors 
So much fun in here! 

Definitely I will be back! When? Maybe few years from now with my kids and I'm expecting new attractions, rides and shows! Thank you for the wonderful memories Universal Studios Singapore! Truly a funfilled place for everyone! :-)

Till then,

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