The Songs of the Sea, Sentosa Singapore


The highlight of our day tour around the city of Singapore all the way to Sentosa Island is the mesmerizing "Songs of the Sea". It is a multimedia show which takes place at Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island, Singapore. 

A spectacular pyrotechnics display, with water jets that could shoot up to 40 meters, laser show, flame bursts, a live 7-person cast, and an open-air viewing gallery which can comfortably accommodate 3,000 visitors.

It was the best I've ever seen in my entire life! The cast which is composed of Li, Oscar the Tiger Fish and friends, Princess Ami, Li's Friends, and the Lords of the Elements -The Mighty Lord of Fire, The Spirit of Light and The Lady of the Sea was really awesome. A great show that shouldn't be missed out when you are in Sentosa. Not only kids will enjoy it but adults as well will really love it! That instant I wanted my kids to enjoy the show with us, but sadly it's never that easy. So I promised myself I will bring them there!

The Musical Fountain featuring Oscar! 
Oscar and friends 

One of the main characters of the show, Li 

Amazing lights, and water fountains...and good music too! 

One of the Lords of the Elements in the story 

At first I really don't know what to expect with the show. But the moment it started I was truly amazed. The story was portrayed so well with graphics, lights and sounds. The singing casts were doing very good! They got unique, beautiful visual exhibits! FANTASTIC!

Really mesmerizing! 

Witnessing an spectacular moment...everyone in the crowd says "WHOAH!" 


Whether you are young or old, you should come and experience this exciting nightly multi sensory extravaganza when visiting Singapore. The outbursts of flames, lasers, water jets and pyrotechnics is a hit among tourists and visitors all over the world...No doubt! And just before the story ends, I was again awed by the spectacular fireworks display. 

A beautiful blend of vibrant colors! And the synchronicity of the music and the fireworks are very impressive! I was really blown away... I highly recommend this show to everyone. Truly worth sharing, but pictures can never tell much, you must experience it yourself and be amazed too!

It was definitely worth watching. Right after the show I would love to watch another one! Truly a great way to end a funfilled day at Sentosa. It was an awesome, incredible, unique, and worthwhile experience. I got my hands up for this show. Need I say more? Come and experience it, no doubt you'll enjoy! 

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