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Just a few months ago me and my husband had our first out of the country trip. As much as we wanted to bring along the kids, but we decided not at all, because they are too young to travel and I don't think they will be able to appreciate the trip. Plus, it was booked in celebration of our anniversary, and we wanted to make it memorable by giving each other an excellent time together. And yes, we do had a great time visiting places and other tourist destinations..

Welcome to the Lion City! 

Singapore at Night 

Singapore City is just so beautiful, clean and green and rich with its dynamic culture. Temples are just everywhere and wandering at night along the streets made me adore the beautiful lights and the beauty of the city.

Sunset at Sentosa at 7pm 

Sunset at Sentosa is just so amazing and we were so mesmerized with the extravagant Songs of the Sea!

Songs of the Sea 

Under Water World Sentosa 

Underwater World is quite good too with the Dolphin Show and a huge number of sea creatures. I'm proud we got a similar thing at Manila Ocean Park and the show at Ocean Adventure in Subic!

Jewel Cable Cars 

The Cable Car ride was breathtaking crossing Mt.Faber to Sentosa Island with its lovely view from over the top is just so exciting! 

Giraffes at Singapore Zoo 

Then we visited Singapore Zoo and walking around the Zoo was like experiencing a real tropical rainforest adventure. We also got a few time to meet with a friend despite our busy schedules. From sun up to sun down, we are out and wandering around, and every minute was a photo opportunity for me!

Meet up with my dear friend Olive at Ion Orchard 

The trip was short, tiring but full of fun and adventure as first timer (me) abroad. I will be blogging the places that we visited in another article so as not to flood this one with pictures alone. I would like to thank my Mom who took care of our kids while we are away, and to my Dad for driving us to and from the airport for our departure and arrival. Thanks to SH tours of Singapore and Spectacular International Travel & Tours Manila for booking our trip. Yes we did booked it with a travel agency to avoid the hassle and to make everything smooth. But for our flight, I was lucky to get a good deal! I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to AirPhil Express for the Php88 promo fare! Hope to catch more of your lowest flight rates!

Thank You to my dearest husband for being so generous and so loving, we really had a great time and every moment is just so memorable and special!

Catch more of Singapore on my next blog!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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