KT's Grill, Universal Studios Singapore


Ofcourse, when walking around Universal Studios, one will definitely become hungry, so we went in to KT's Grill to have a meal and here is my short blog about this restaurant located inside Universal Studios Singapore. 

KT's Grill is a full-service restaurant serving Authentic New York Grill cuisine, with a rich woodwork interior reminiscent of a 1940's NY dinner house.

Bread was being served as the appetizer and it was very fresh. Crust and core are of the right textures, it was soft and freshly baked paired with honey and butter.

They got a strong blend of iced tea that you shouldn't drink right away without the syrup. Our orders came pretty quick, within 5 - 10 minutes...

We got a grilled platter with portions of meats - lamb, pork, beef and sausage, pretty light if you will see, as it is a New York Style Dining. But we had a fantastic meal with first class service...

And ofcourse we ordered a version of fried rice in raisins, which is the Rice Pilaf...

We asked the server to take a picture of us as we enjoy our lunch date. The ambiance of the place was just so nice. We decided to eat at Level 2 which has a dining area that is near the open-concept kitchen, a quiet dining room, and another dining area nearer to the bar counter.

The service here is commendable. The waiter, Sally, was attentive to us and made sure that we were well served. Plus delicious food! The lamb was well done and it just fell off the bone, the blending of spices with the sauce and the sausage is good too!

Right after the meal, NY Famous Cheesecake was served. It was so good and ofcourse I love cheesecakes that's why I ordered a slice for us! I love how they presented the slice of cake with raspberries, blueberry and a squeeze of choco syrup... But for a slice of cheesecake for $12.00, i find it pricey!

Overall, we had a fabulous meal! Plus the internal decor of the place really gave it a very nice nostalgic feel..

Experiencing fine dining in a new place far from home in the middle of a theme park is one great memory to treasure, it was extra special because it completed our anniversary date at Singapore! Now, here is the picture of a satisfied customer...

Ask me if I will be back? NO! Because it's pricey and there are a lot of other food stops that you can try inside Universal Studios, where the price is right and the food is great too! Nevertheless, we had a great time with each other and that alone is PRICELESS! 

Live. Laugh. Love

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