Palmeras Garden Restaurant


It was a good start for the week to meet up with some good old friends! I always love reunions, and the food trip associated with it, because it's the perfect time to enjoy good food in a good place over nice long talks with old time friends. I've been out the whole day to meet up with my college housemates Analie and Monaliza after 6 long years... so happy that we got an "unplanned" lunch date and ended up strolling around the City of San Pablo Laguna and the province of Tiaong Quezon... Glad to meet the Pasco Family and I'm so grateful for the warm welcome at their home. We had a lovely lunch at Palmeras Garden Restaurant which they said was one of the Best in San Pablo. 

Nature greeted me upon arrival!

Trees and greenery everywhere
My lovely housemates!

It was a lovely place in the heart of San Pablo City, Laguna
Of course, photoshoot agad!
Posing by the Waterfalls
I fell inlove with the place, where nature exists in the middle of the city. I am one big fan of nature and native things, and I am always proud of our culture. So visiting Palmeras , for me, is a wonderful experience! It was beautiful, peaceful and quiet.

Not only that the place was great, they also offer good food. At first, I actually didn't find anything especial or extraordinary with the food that we ordered because it's commonly available in other native restaurants, but it was good tasting. Our choices of food are based on what we like, or feel like eating that time. We missed their specialty which was the "Fried Tilapia". We didn't order it because we thought it's the ordinary fried Tilapia.. Well, yeah it is but what's special is that the tilapia was caught fresh from the pond, and fried so well with a wonderful blend of seasonings. The bones are basically brittle and very crunchy and was even fairly easy to eat most of it (including the bones). Sayang, I missed that!
Palmeras Fried Rice


Sizzling Sisig

Fresh Buko Juice

Chow time!

Chow time and chat time with these two beautiful girls!

Palmeras Garden Restaurant also cater for weddings and other special occasions... Not bad because the place was really nice, romantic and picturesque perfect! Oh and by the way, they used to have a live concert band if u are lucky to visit them at night and some special holidays...

Fish Pond

Under the fish pond they had several species of fish, just make your order and they will catch and cook it for you. A bit similar to Dampa at Manila, where we used to dine before, but here you got few choices only...

They got a small bar too, just near the entrance of the restaurant where you can order varieties of alcoholic drinks and other beverages. The bar is native too with it's wonderfully crafted woodworks.

Native Bar
To sum it up, I enjoyed the serenity of the place, the food and dining experience and ofcourse the two lovely ladies with me! As much as we wanted to stay and continue catching up with our stories but time really flies that fast, we need to get back home before it gets too dark! Anyway, I hope to have another date with my college housemates and I'm looking forward to another gastronomic diary with these girlfirends! I'll surely miss them!

 "True Friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart!"

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