A day at Paradizoo


Taal VolcanoTagaytay is one of my family's favorite getaway... We love the cool place, the fancy restaurants, the view of Taal Volcano, horseback riding, the "pineapple" the "saging na senyorita" and a lot more.. We've been going back there from time to time to do such activities. But this time we visited Tagaytay once again, not for food trip but because we heard of this new cool zoo, the Paradizoo, which houses a lot of animals that you can hold, you can feed or just watch them moving around.
Welcome to Paradizoo
The Famous "Bulalo" of Tagaytay
We had our lunch first at Residence Inn (the restaurant inside Paradizoo)

There's a man serenading diners at the resto
It's a place for fun, dining, playing, watching the magic show and the pantomimes, though the place is a bit congested for some wildlife animals. Most of them looked tired and exhausted and some areas are not well maintained and the cleanliness is somewhat an issue, because the stinky smell covers the place.
They have different species of birds...
An Owl in the middle of the day...
A little Pony

A tiger

...and a tired crocodile
And if you are brave enough to hold a snake, you can have a picture with it!
Plus a lot of other zoo animals...
They also have a small play area for smaller kids who'll get tired of walking and roaming around the zoo. Ideal for younger ones who cannot appreciate more of the animals but likes to play and have a small world of fun too. It served as our resting place to stretch our tired feet while watching the kids play, because it is an outdoor covered area and the air is kinda cool.

Kids at Play

There are also pantomimes coming out from time to time, moving from one place to another to entertain the guests. My kids loved the way they move and dance when you drop some money inside the boxes in front of them.

Nevertheless, my kids and the whole family enjoyed, though I haven't had enough of the pictures because my camera went battery dead but good thing I had the iphone to capture more... Ofcourse, children would always love animals so this is one great zoo experience for my kids!

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