Plain White and Palazzo

Have you noticed that fashion trends are repetitive? Looking back at photos of my mom in the 60's and 70's, I've seen quite a number of wide leg pants that she used to wear during her youth days. Not the flared jeans or bell bottom pants but those loose, flowing and stylish pants that are just so pretty like maxi skirts. Palazzo pants are head-turner these days and they are just gorgeous!

Welcoming the Wellness Moms Movement

What happens when mothers come together to celebrate their personal advocacy of wellness? A Wellness Moms Movement emerges- a movement of change by mothers rallying as one for a better and healthier lifestyle.

Love at First Try! An introduction to Archery at Kodanda Archery Range

Being confined with routines and all the same things can be boring & so, i'm always in the look out for new experiences that can lead me to new hobbies and enthusiasm. I have always wanted to try archery, apart from the very truth that i am an avid fan of Oliver Queen, the fictional hero on the TV series Green Arrow played by Stephen Amell plus i'm an inborn Sagittarian by zodiac. While my kids admire Katniss Everdeen too, from the movie Hunger Games, i thought that maybe, it's about time to unleash our potential in the archery department yesterday after a disappointing itinerary.

NEW! Mommy Fashion and Style by Mommy Queenelizabeth

Hello there lovelies! 
Today, allow me to introduce the newest category in this blogosphere of mine (drum roll, please)! Fashion and Style by Mommy Queenelizabeth is a page which will feature my occasional "Outfit of the Day" in the intent to encourage other women, specially MOMS, to dress up and look fabulous regardless of age and size. Take note: Style and being fashion-ate doesn't have to be expensive at all! 

When in Batangas: What's New? The Chef CHARMS Golden Spoon

Here's fresh news like freshly baked goodies! 

Yesterday, i was invited to the grand opening of "The Chef CHARM'S Golden Spoon, House of Pastry and Pasta". It's the newest 'shop and go' outlet of delicious goodies in Batangas City. Apart from the truth that i do love her breads, it so happened that Chef Charmi, was the partner of my husband's cousin and a co-parent in school. We went there over lunch time and we were sampled with a taste of Chef Charm's delicious menu which is available at her very own catering services. 

SM Southmall presents The Tale of the Winter Forest

We know that Christmas is always a special time of the year for Filipinos and because of this, SM Southmall seek to give their customers the best and most memorable experiences possible, as they prepare for the holidays. So this year, they wanted to kick-off this amazing season by sending out an inspiring message of selflessness and kindness that is characteristic of the Christmas season. 

When in Batangas: What's Drooling at the Drooling Plate?

I always believed that Sundays are for the family. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter and other social media pages, you'll notice that i always use the hashtag #SundaysBest. Basically, because it's the first day of the week and starting it right makes it the best! First, by going to church to declare my faith and thanksgiving and to enjoy quality time with my loved ones. In my context, quality time also means eating good food and trying out something new, given enough time and resources.

Gastronomic Diaries: Balay Dako by Antonio's

Balay Dako is the latest Filipino restaurant in Tagaytay owned by the famous Chef Tony Boy Escalante, . If you have tried its sibling restaurants like Breakfast at Antonio's and Antonio's Fine Dining in Tagaytay, you'll probably get a hint of what food is like, heavenly!

Avida X Make It Blissful: Tagaytay Home Gathering Workshop

It's been a lovely day at Tagaytay weeks ago, despite the typhoon forecast that was expected to hit Luzon area in the afternoon of that Wednesday. I was able to brave the 1-hour drive via Talisay Road from Batangas, with views of the Taal Lake from the zigzag road going up. 

Together with amazing bloggers, media personnel and the organizers of Avida X Make It Blissful event, our day had been blissful indeed.

Avida Serin East, Inspires Vacation-like living in Tagaytay

Months ago I've been dreaming of having my very own private sanctuary in the chilly atmosphere of Tagaytay. In fact, I've been property hopping for the last three months, checking out different residential and condo living communities in this area. Why not? It's the perfect go-to destination that is just a quick drive away from my place and i love spending weekends at Tagaytay ever since i was young. I know dreams do come true and i'm praying earnestly about it. Until a week ago, i was once again invited by Martine De Luna of Make It Blissful for another Avida Land event at this dreamy place. I was lucky to have a peek inside Serin East Tagaytay, the newest condominium project of Avida Land in the heart of Tagaytay City and i was like thinking, is this a sign?

Hotelcation: Lima Park Hotel, Malvar, Batangas

The kids' semester break officially kicked off before October ends and while our Big Daddy is still on vacay we planned to have a short staycation in one of the hotels in Batangas. Literally, a staycation because it's less than an hour drive away from home.

Why We Stopped Joining the Halloween Trick or Treat?


Admittedly, a lot of parents today were all excited for the Halloween Costume Parties and Trick or Treat that different communities has in store for the kids and even adults alike. In full disclosure, I, for one, belongs to the group of thrilled parents who prepares for this annual event, considering it as one important celebration that my kids shouldn't miss. Yes, i allow them and even join them in trick-or-treating since 2010 until last year, which was, unfortunately, their last Halloween Trick or Treat party.

Embracing Life’s Unexpected Turns - PROPEL’s DETOUR BOOTCAMP 2016

Somebody said that, "A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour." Probably, most of us grew up with some vision of what we want our lives to be like. Our personal goals, career aspirations, family plans—the whole white picket fence thing. Years must've gone by and when we evaluate our lives, we often see that life has turned out differently than what we expected. It is true that the road to our goals and dreams isn't always straight. And so here's good news that i would like to share to all those who never stop aspiring! 

Breakfast Favorites at Early Bird Breakfast Club

Somebody said that, "One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast". This sounds true to me. I'm a breakfast person, be it toasts and coffee alone or perhaps, a hearty brekky with rice, bacon and eggs. Breakfast is the most important meal and skipping it can make me useless for the entire day.

Photo source: EBBC Official Fanpage

WHEN IN BATANGAS: Where do broken hearts go? HUGOT CAFE

If you'll notice my Instagram feed, the past weeks of my life was spent food hunting, cafe hopping and indulging into different family occasions. The flooding of food is just so hard to resist! Have you ever been into that situation? How do you manage? Ako? I just give in! Kain lang ng kain! Hahaha! 

Kidding aside, there comes a time talaga that you'll really feel like craving for something extra special than the usual. Or perhaps, getting bored sometimes, resorts to some sort of binge eating. I, for one, loves the idea of checking out new cafes once in a while and coddle myself with good food or coffee, coupled with a nice and cozy ambiance where i could set the mood for some random musings and think about something that i wanted to write.

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